Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Witt appears to be doing better day by day! Today he has an echo cardiogram to make sure there is still no more fluid around the heart. Whenever it is drained there is always a chance that it will come back. If there is not fluid again and Witt continues to tolerate the increased feeds that are once again fortified then he will be going home soon! Melanie and Austan adjust remarkably to Witt's hospital stays. I believe that Melanie and Austan would tell you that they are just doing what they have to do. I tell you that they may not have a choice in Witt being in a hospital but they do have a choice how they handle it. I see them choose God's way and I see them through allowing Witt's story to be told through this blog magnifying the name of Christ. The father from the TV show "Jon and Kate Plus 8" has been quoted as saying that he missed his 20's because of having kids. It's a shame that he doesn't have the maturity that I see in Austan and Melanie. A better show would be "Austan and Melanie plus Witt glorifying God"...that's a show I am privileged to watch on a daily basis!

This would be a great "show" too!!!
This is one of the best "birthday cards" I have ever been sent!


trash talk said...

I have my morning coffee with The M+A+W show every morning and I never have to add sugar. They provide all the sweetness I need.

Debbie M. said...

Sooo precious!! He is saying "Hi"! So glad Witt is doing better. Austan &
Melanie are true witnesses.
They are so blessed to have
such a loving, supportative

Katie and Justin Cox said...

What a chatter box he is! AND he STILL is getting cuter... I'm not sure my heart can take it... goodness!! So glad he is doing so well! And DITTO on Melanie and Austan being super awesome... I don't even have to know them to know that!!

Anonymous said...

He looks so good. And happy. I say a little prayer for Austan, Melanie & Witt everday with Bella. God is GREAT!

Jenn - The Apiary AKA Bella's Blogg

Raley Family Blog said...

So glad he is doing good. I praise the Lord for Mel and Austan and the attitude they have while walking the journey the Lord has them on. What a testimony! Love you guys,

Primitiques 'n Poetry said...

The pic of Witt and Mel is great! ~Mindy