Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Today Witt had OT and PT. That all went great...tomorrow I will post video from it! After he was through we paid his cousin, Elle, a visit. Elle's dad, Lee, and Austan are brothers. Hopefully Elle is going home tomorrow but Lee and Lisha are trusting in God's perfect timing also for that. Click on Elle's picture down to the left to go to her website! We too are wanting God's perfect timing for Witt's surgery. As of now it is set for next Tuesday. Melanie will find out later the exact time of day. Also, it is depends upon the outcome of Witt's echo cardiogram on Monday. The pulmonologist will also look at the chest xray taken next Monday. If it all goes as they have planned, Witt will have the surgery on Tuesday but remain in the hospital for several days. This will be a first...a planned hospital visit! We are planning but asking God to direct every step!!

Witt and Elle Meet!


trash talk said...

That's so cute! Both babies are beautiful. I can't wait for Bella to meet her cousin Graycie!

Debi Ostrom said...

Too cute! Hopefully Witt can meet baby Granger soon. And Mel, I love your hair!


cheryl said...

Two precious punkins! God's perfect and beloved creations entrusted to amazing, young, faithful parents!!! Lee, Lisha, Austan and are INCREDIBLE and INSPIRING! (and, those are two HOT mommas!!!)
Love you guys!

Hilary said...

That is soooo cute!! Melanie you have the best smile ever..:)