Monday, May 4, 2009


Today was sort of a mixed bag of reviews! Some good news, some okay news, and maybe some not so good news. There is no real change in Witt's heart valve...that's good, however, to avoid surgery it actually needs to get better. What caught the attention of the cardiac doctor was that the chest xray was "ugly" his words. It could just be that it's not a good xray or it could be that some things have changed like a little more fluid around the heart and maybe part of his lung is collapsed. BUT it could also be that it's just not a true picture because Witt was crying at the time. The doctor put Witt on Motrin 3 times a day and upped his diuretic, both to help with the fluid around the heart. Witt will go back in 7 days to be checked again. If these are indeed issues it could definitely influence any procedures in the near future. Tomorrow at 9am is the swallow test. This will mainly show us if Witt can eat some solid foods like baby cereal without aspirating.
Sometimes I don't even know what to ask for, sometimes trying to figure that out is overwhelming. That's when I just in the knowledge that God does know. He knows what's best for Witt and He is the One able to accomplish it. Right now Melanie is laying down. She didn't get much sleep last night and had a full day of doctors. On the way home she felt a little nauseated. I know she needs rest. She needs the kind of rest that only God offers...the kind that not only rests the body but also the soul. Tomorrow we walk on! We walk with our eyes firmly fixed on Christ...our hope firmly placed in Christ. Thank God(and I mean thank God!) that He never gives us a mixed bag of reviews. I know right where I stand with Him or in some cases where I fall, but I always know where God is! I always know that He is our Strength and He is where we find rest!
Witt Plays!!

Witt Rests!


Jenn said...

We continue to pray for God's healing! God is always in control!I pray that Mel gets some peacful rest. Hang in there girl. You are absolutely an amazing woman of God and precious mom! I love you Mel!
Jenn & Jospeh

Kelli said...

Lord please give Melanie the perfect rest that she needs, the rest only you can give her!

Katie said...

Praying for that beautiful baby boy, Witt and his parents.

Penny said...

Continued prayers for the rest and peace that comes from knowing that we need to live in the now. God will lead us on the path that He has prepared especially for us. He loves us and lovingly walks with us. Little Witt is firmly in God's hand, he is God's perfet masterpiece.
He is getting more and more adorable by the day.

Devon said...

Sweet boy. He is so precious!!! Hoping for the best for you all, and I hope Melanie gets some rest.

trash talk said...

I pray you all get so much needed rest. I am praying for strength and healing as well. You are all my heroes! Debbie