Thursday, May 28, 2009


Witt is home and doing great! Yesterday was a lazy day! Witt seems to be adjusting well to the gtube. For now it is actually a tube that comes out several inches from the stomach but in a few weeks Witt will get the "button". This is an in office procedure. The tube that comes out of the stomach will be replaced with a button that is flush with his skin. The feeding tube will attach to that. Hopefully Austan, Mel and Witt will have some normal days enjoying Witt without hospital visits. He will have the cardiac catheter procedure sometime mid July. God continues to amaze me! I am not sure that's the right wording. I believe God can do anything...use the medical profession to heal Witt or heal Witt by His touch...change our situation or be our Strength through it. In some ways, I am not shocked by God but I am in awe! I am in awe because He continues to meet our every need and does it in such a way that even in dire circumstances there is still peace and joy. There were times during this last hospital stay that were so hard that I couldn't clear the tears and look upward...all I could do was literally say out loud the name of Christ. God Himself wiped away my tears and turned my gaze back to Him! That leaves me in awe of Him!

Back at home and playing!

All Tuckered Out!!


Anonymous said...

Good to hear he is doing well and still having fun with the g tube in place. I want to see pictures!!! We get one this coming monday, I am still so nervous! Do you have air or water holding it in place? Or is that once the mickey comes into play?

Primitiques 'n Poetry said...

He is growing so much. And I'm like Mel. I so much enjoy hearing Witt's voice! ~Mindy

Alex and Jill said...

I'm just reading this! So happy to hear that Witt is home. :)