Thursday, April 16, 2009


Today is not the day that I thought it would be. I find peace in knowing it is however exactly the day God knew it would be! Since Witt was sick through the night he now has an appointment with Dr. Lange (pediatrician) at 11:45. Melanie thinks there is a good chance that we will need to take Witt to Texas Children for blood work. I am reminded that any steps we take today can be steps used by God for kingdom purposes far beyond our circumstances. I pray that we are His instruments through which His grace and hope flows. As I was praying and telling God that I was tired, He said "That's okay, I am never tired. I am your Strength." What I know today is that the nearness of God is my good, the nearness of God is Witt's good (Psalm 73:28a) and God is right here with us to carry us. I trust God with today because God is Most High, Sovereign over all! I pray that other lives are touched because of our steps today with Witt....glory to God who is Worthy!!!...Karen


The Green Pea said...

Yes, lives a touched with the steps you are going through. It strengthens me to see your faith in God and what He has done for you and Witt. Your faith, makes tears come to my eyes. How wonderful and beautiful is it to be a believer? All the glory to God. Blessings, Sandi

Jessica and Matt said...

I don't know your sweet family, but I flu d you through Brittney Poe's blog. I just wanted to let yiou know that I pray for Witt and your family from time to time and that your faith is such an encouragement. God bless you and sweet Witt.