Thursday, April 23, 2009


First things first...
here's the handsome birthday boy.

and here's the Lupher family.

Witt's grandparents (Austan's parents) had extra big things to celebrate today.
Their grandson's 6 month birthday and
their granddaughter, Elle's 1 month birthday.
As of today both of their grandbabies are even on the same floor of the hospital.
They pour out so much love and prayers for both of their sweet grandchildren.

Tonight in celebration of Witt...
we hung his birthday banner.
we dined on delicious Chili's to go.
we ate decadent cupcakes.
we smiled at Mr. Witt and
we just might have gotten a little silly too.

And finally, because I can't ever say it enough...
Happy 1/2 Birthday Witt!


Natalie said...

Happy half birthday Witt!

cheryl said...

I love the way Witt "holds court!" These little girls just THINK they rule the out when Witt breaks free...I think we'll have a new sheriff in town!!!
Love you all,

trash talk said...

The love in that room must have been amazing! I bet you could smell it on your skin. Blessings and Karen, could you try to smile for the next picture? It was a little hard to see for all the beaming blinding me! Debbie

Kelli said...

Happy 1/2 Birthday Witt!!!! It looks like you guys had quite the fun celebration!