Wednesday, April 8, 2009


This morning on the way to the renal appointment Karen, Melanie, and Witt were listening to the radio. Along the drive "Our God is Mighty to Save" began playing over the radio. Karen sent a text message telling us what had happened. Immediately I had to smile, because I cannot count the number of times Adelaide and I heard this same song ourselves while driving to the hospital to visit Witt. Those mighty words would still be ringing in my ears as I would walk into his room and read them yet again on the sign Mel had hung above his crib. It seems to be Witt's anthem, and what a constant powerful reminder that God is indeed mighty to save. This is why we continue to pray for miracles. This is also why we trust in Him alone for Witt. We know He is more than able to heal him. We also know that God knows what is best for His mighty plans so we strive to trust that, whatever it means for Witt's earthly future.

I also want to share a couple of pictures from our family dinner on Monday night. On the table that night there were Easter eggs in a bowl. Each person took a turn picking an egg, opening it, and answering the question that was inside it. The adults went first and we enjoyed laughing and learning more about each other and sharing memories. Then Adelaide and Witt took their turn. They had the question "What is one of your favorite things about me?"

The adults went around the table telling each of them some of our favorite things. Of course we couldn't pick just one thing about these lovable munchkins, but these are a few of the things we told Witt:
*the noises you make *your spike (of hair)
*your knees *your belly *your sweet hands
*your grunts and groans *your smiles
*the way your face looks when we pick you up *the way you move *the cute way you sleep, and of course the list could go on and on.
Feel free to leave a comment with one of your things about Witt too!
-Annalee (Witt's Aunt)


trash talk said...

That he continues to be a source of inspiration to me. He truly does have our Father's favor!

Nancy said...

My favorite thing about Witt is his "little man" face--for such a new person, he gives the impression of having an 'old, sweet soul." It touches my heart! I love you, Witt!

Mandi said...

Witt is absolutely adorable in every way but I LOVE his sweet, soft hair!!!

The Hokansons said...

This song truly is his anthem! The October 31st posting I made about Witt said this exact same thing. The entire posting is basically just the lyrics to that song! Way to go little buddy! What a gift that in times of trouble you immediately bring songs of praise to our lips! Love you Witt!

cheryl said...

I love the way he lights up when he hears his mommy's and daddy's voices!!!
I love you, sweet buddy!!!

Primitiques 'n Poetry said...

Totally what Nancy said! Witt looks like he knows things that we don't. I also love that he inspires total strangers, to him and his family, to talk to God. He is a Witt-ness.

On another note, I am not always sure who is writing these updates, since several of you contribute. Can y'all sign off at the end? Thanks! ~Mindy

kristin fulghum said...

i love how he seems to point every one around him to Jesus.