Friday, April 10, 2009


Today all I can think about is "the Cross". I am grateful that we Christians, we believers in Christ live on this side of the cross. We know that death was defeated! It is the cross that gives me hope. It is the cross that gives me peace. It is because of the cross that I find it easy to trust God. Christ chose the cross. No nails on earth could hold Christ there! No man could actually make God do anything! Christ held Himself to the cross. He held Himself there to die for all our sins once and for all...the ultimate sacrifice. He died on the cross so He could be resurrected and offer eternal life with God to all. Christ made it possible that every human (believer or not!) will live infinitely beyond this life. The decision given to each of us is will it be an eternity with Christ or without Him! I choose Christ! I choose Christ and His peace that reaches us even as we live on earth. I choose Christ because I believe when He stayed on that cross my name was on His mind, Witt's name was on His mind, your name was on His mind. The cross is why I can rest and trust God with Witt's life. I trust God's will for Witt! I am still wholeheartedly asking God to heal Witt's heart but the answer is in God's hands....the nail pierced hands....the hands that stayed on
the cross for me. I rest in those hands! ....Karen

And Witt rests too!


Primitiques 'n Poetry said...

I prayed for Witt's heart this morning. Healing. I thank God for my salvation and His sacrifice. He continues to bless us with Witt and I praise Him for that! Continuing to send love and prayers your way. ~Mindy

Alex and Jill said...

Wonderful post!

Praying for your sweet baby boy to be healed.


Jenn said...

Karen - Thank you for posting such powerful words. God is amazing! God has continued to give me such peace about healing Witt. I know that he is in control. I will continue to pray for Witt and our family. I love to see how peaceful he is when he is resting! I love you all!