Sunday, March 8, 2009


So far Witt's bed is the only thing with decorative flair in the room!
In case you need to know...The I "heart" sign says: I "heart" wienies...
Bella and ZsaZsa, of course!
Witt in his bed! I love my Bold Blackberry. I can
now video and post it!


M said...

Witt quite possibly has the coolest bed in the universe! I love that he's cooing at his decorations!

He's in my prayers every night and day.

~Maggie Damron~

Nancy said...

LOVE that little man!! LOVE hearing his 'noises' and watching him bat at his toys, then wonder, "Now, how did that just happen?" What a precious gift on this beautiful Sabbath day!! XO-Cadou