Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Today's Physical Therapy and Occupational Therapy (for swallowing) was great! It was great because his 2 therapists are Witt was a little tired and exerting his strong will. The PT said he was behind but because of the things he does do she believes he will catch up over the next several months. It actually was a blessing to get out with Witt. He has been cleared to get out! The good thing with the feeding tube (not that you would ever choose it!) is that he can eat on the go in his car seat. The pump is totally portable as is his oxygen.
ALSO...the work has now begun on Melanie and Austan's house! It is being torn down to the frame and foundation. They will be able to make some fun changes and to add on! It will take maybe 2-3 months then it will be like they are moving into a brand new home!! God is Good!!!!!

Flirting with his PT!!!!

Eating on the go!!!


Devon said...

He is too cute. Have they ever talked to you guys about bolus feeding so you don't have to take the pump? We did that with Dakin when he was on his NG--instead of taking the pump along, we would just take a 60 cc syringe and give it to him through that. He's not on continuous feeds, right? Anyway, if you guys end up needing any 60 cc syringes, let me know--I have about 10 million of them.

Leah J. said...

We love our therapist!! Casen has made amazing progress with her! I can't wait to hear all of the progress Witt will make it PT and OT!