Monday, March 16, 2009


Today is full of activity to prepare to go home! Right now we need prayer for favor with the insurance company. They are refusing to pay for a pump since Witt is not on a continuous feed. The problem is because of his size, he has a very tiny tube in and just letting gravity feed him will most likely take too long so will need a bigger tube. The bigger tube could cause some damage. The insurance company said that they would need a couple of weeks to review the request....seriously?!!!! Austan is on the phone with them right now! I know God is in control even as Austan walks out the steps! The nurse will also teach Austan and Melanie how to put the nasal tube in if it were to come out. The longer wait today will probably be for the pump (if approved) to be delivered to the hospital by the medical supply company. We sit here waiting...trusting in God's perfect timing for Witt to go home...His perfect timing down to the second that we leave the hospital! I am praying for God to make the most of it while we are still here!


Mandi said...

So happy your sweet boy is going home!!! Just prayed for the issue with the insurance company. (:

Raley Family Blog said...

We are in Colorado and finally got internet service. We are praying for Witt and the insurance to provide for the pump. Love you guys.
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