Wednesday, March 4, 2009


I wished I could do a big conference call to each and everyone of you who read Witt's blog and pray for him! We loved this doctor...Dr Ruiz. Okay, maybe too strong of a word for Melanie but she has never loved doctors! Loved his approach, his manner, his knowledge! He left with all of us knowing truth but feeling good. Not because we don't really know what's going on. Witt is right now in a position where yes, if he gets worse that could be bad but the doctor is hoping to get Witt better. He definitely believes that the lungs and heart are both playing a part but that taking care of the heart will help the lungs. He is really glad to have the swallow study tomorrow. Right now Witt's lungs are in a bit of a precarious position...if he were to get sick, it could be very serious for Witt because right now he is using close to all his lung capacity and has nothing in reserve to use if he catches something. This is why the doctor last night said he would have to be intubated. That is a possibility but only if Witt suddenly gets worse and a lot of other options are exhausted. This specialist would like Witt put back on the Analapril for the leaky valve. Witt's oxygen need did get much better when he was on this medicine. If it helps but has a negative effect on his eating they will deal with that. Honestly, we don't know anymore than we did last night. However the doctor last night left it up to us to discern what was actual fact and what might be. Dr. Ruiz made it all very clear! Last night the doctor implied that if Melanie were a little older and if this wasn't their first child it would be easier. Seriously, if you are fifty and your child dies its easier or (in Melanie's words) if you have 8, you have one to spare! Honestly, I can't imagine being a doctor in this situation but I really appreciate the ones that seem to also have a grasp on the fact that their words are huge! Witt is in a position where a little good step is huge and so is a little bad step. Please pray that all these noninvasive tests and steps will bring about an improvement so Witt doesn't have to go through the more invasive testing. Actually, I am wholeheartedly asking God to heal Witt! Once again, I faithfully trust in who God is and leave the healing decisions to Him....but, WOW, the glory God could receive and the attention He could get from the doctors could be incredible! We as a family will always praise the Healer all the while petitioning Him for and thanking Him for His miracles!-Karen


Jenn said...

Praise God for our precious Witt! It feels good to know that Dr. Ruiz has been very open and honest with everyone. I will pray for the tests to show us exactly what Witt needs. God already knows what needs to be done. My prayer is that Witt does not feel any kind of pain and that our entire family is comforted by the grace of God. I love you all!

Raley Family Blog said...

I am joining you in praying for complete healing for Witt. I am praying for wisdom for the drs to know which tests to run and which medicine to give if needed. I am praying for peace and comfort for Austan and Mel as well as the rest of the family there. I am praying for God to comfort Witt during all of the testing. I love you guys so much and wish I could be there to give you a hug.

Penny said...

I am so glad that you got peace with Dr. Ruiz and he is helping you to feel more at ease. I am so sorry about the insensitivity of the other Dr. One thing that I know from my own personal experience is that it doesnt matter if you are young or old (I was over 40) or if it is your 1st child or not (Mackenzie was my fifth daughter). My heart was broken and our life turned upside down when she died.

My prayers are for Mel and Austan.... for all his extended family. May they feel complete peace with all the decisions made. Prayers for the Drs. and nurses for wisdom not only in care but also their words.

May the outcome for Witt first and foremost glorify and honor God. Will is God's perfect plan.... God doesn't make mistakes.

Give this little boy strength and days to numerous to count....

Gayle said...

We are praying constantly for all of you. Sweet Witt is God's perfect child. We are praying for God's perfect healing on this precious baby. I am so grateful that God answered our prayers and sent Dr. Ruiz to check on him and talk with you. We continue to pray that God will open the doctors minds to the exact tests, treatment, and medicine that Witt needs. God has walked this path and knows exactly what He wants to be done. God has used every bit of this for his glory. We have all grown in our own relationship with our Father--How could we not with the miracles God has shown us during these past 4 months!! He has also used you all to show others His love and comfort. Mel and Austan, we love you both so much. What precious parents you are! We pray that you feel the loving security of God's arms wrapped tightly around you and your darling son, Witt. God will continue to carry all of you and give you strength,comfort, peace,
and rest.
We love you dearly!
Bobby and Gayle

Debbie Mueller said...

Melanie, Austan, Karen and Family,

Just wanted to let you know that our family has been and continues to pray for Witt, and all of you. I know that God is holding each of you in the palms of His hands, especially Witt. It's so hard to understand the "WHYS", but I know He is in control and will help you face each day. We are all praying for Witt's total healing and God's will in his precious life. I want to share a verse that I feel gives us all hope in knowing that God is ALWAYS with us in whatever circumstance we are faced with:
"I will lead the blind by ways they have not known, along unfamiliar paths I will guide them; I will turn the darkness into light before them and make the rough places smooth. These are the things I will do; I will not forsake them. (Isaiah 42:16).
Ken & Debbie Mueller, Lindsey (Mueller) Parker, & Ashlie Mueller

Marjie said...

Praying continuously for little Witt, for peace and comfort for all of you, that the tests would be more conclusive on what Witt's needs are. Praise God for knowledgable and compassionate doctors who demonstrate His love to patients and their families daily!
The Murff Family