Sunday, February 15, 2009


Please pray that Witt will begin taking his bottle again. Over the last 2 weeks he has periodically refused to finish bottles. Now he hasn't finished the last 4. He has only taken 2 ounces at the most each feeding. Witt needs to be taking 3-4 ounces each time for his weight and a total of at least 13-15 ounces so he won't become dehydrated because of the diuretic he is on. Pray that he will stay hydrated and gain weight. Dr. Lange mentioned last week that Witt might have to go on a feeding tube. I found myself this morning asking God what I needed to, pray more, more diligent quiet time...what was my part? God reminded me that in that sense, I have no part. God is God and I have no part in that! Those things have to do with my relationship to Him and yes could affect my prayer life to a point but this is not happening because we are spiritually doing something wrong. Today, now, I am asking God with all the authority of Jesus Christ to make me hunger and thirst for Him, for His righteousness, to be rightly related to Him because that's what I need to "grow" and I am asking God to make Witt hunger and thirst for breast milk because that's what he needs to the glory of Christ!!!

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