Saturday, February 21, 2009


Witt seems to be exerting his independence when it comes to eating! Mel is struggling to get him to eat enough and is having to try a combination of bottle and sippy cup. Please pray that Witt will take it easy on his sweet mommy and eat up!!! It's so frustrating for a mom to try to figure out all the "tricks" to make baby happy...please pray that Witt will cooperate with Mel!!!


Nancy said...

He's probably holding out for some Texas BBQ!

Seriously, Mel, he may be picking up on any anxiety you may be feeling (this is really common between babies and attentive moms). Try sharing the feeding duty to see if that helps. Just a suggestion.

I'm keeping you close in my prayers! Cadou

Devon said...

Hiya! My son had an NG tube for a year and I feel I have run the gamut on getting a child to eat. So here are my suggestions: things that worked for us that were mostly suggested by our Speech Therapist. If he's on a slow flow nipple, try a medium or a fast. Try a different bottle (Dakin finally settled on one and is eating great now). Try (if it's ok with his nutritionist) putting some flavoring in his bottle (we tried hershey's syrup and various thin baby foods with Dakin's Prosobee). You could even dip the nipple in sugar water--I'm sure you're familiar with Sweeties from the NICU, right? Same thing.

Finally, the biggest advice I can give you is to take the fight out of it. I fought (and am still, in fact fighting) with Dakin over his bottle, but we turned a corner when I let go and he realized I had let go of the fight. It's not so bad now, and he's eating like a pig. Relax. Try feeding him with the TV on--Dakin loves commericials and it's worked for us--or while someone else is reading Witt a book. Look, I have ten million things I can tell you about to try--if you'd like I can email you. Let me know! I'd like to be of help if I could!
starfishtwinkle AT hotmail DOT com. Or at my son's blog at Good luck!!

Mandi said...

I'm sure this is very frustrating for Mel...she just wants her sweet boy to eat up! Just prayed.

Leah J. said...

Just wanted y'all to know that I am praying for you guys!

Penny said...

Still praying for God's little handi-work. Witt is an amazing little guy with a huge story. I;m sure like everything else God will provide the way. His weight gain seems good and I know the frustration you must be feeling, we had issues with our youngest but Medela Haberman bottles were the trick. Let me know if you would like more information.
God will walk you through.