Monday, February 16, 2009


We got home around 3am last night but not with any real information on why Witt has stopped eating. We do however know that he was not in heart failure! Gee, that had never crossed our minds...we were very concerned about dehydration. I think because Witt is a "chromosome baby" and he is on some heart medicine they automatically assume he has major heart problems. He is only on the heart medicine to see if it would help his lungs totally "dry" from when he had the virus. Melanie can trace the beginnings of him not wanting to eat to around 2 weeks ago when we started the Enalapril for the heart. It has gotten worse in the last few days and in that time period they doubled the dose. The cardiologist on call said that they have seen this happen in adults but never in children or babies. However, after not taking the Enalapril for over 12 hours, Witt did take 2 1/2 ounces in one feeding right before we left the hospital which is more than he had taken in any feeding in the last 24 hours. This morning he just sucked down 3 ounces! The cardiologist said Witt's heart is just fine and to cut the dose in half to see if it makes a difference in his appetite. So here we are again in a place where it is very clear that we need God's wisdom. Isn't it ridiculous that any of us ever move out of that "place"! A very interesting thing did happen last night. One of Witt's nurses who said she believed in good and bad karma told us that Witt looked just like her friends daughter who is a trisomy 18 child. This child had major heart surgery (against the doctors advice) that the parents had to fight hard for and is now 14 years old. What I found very interesting is that Witt does very much have the outward characteristics of a trisomy 18 baby but if you remember back to when he was born we asked God to change Witt's rearrange them. We did not want Witt to be labeled as a trisomy 18 baby. If any surgery was needed the doctors pretty much refuse to do it because the life expectancy of a trisomy 18 baby is very short. Mel and Austan were told Witt would die within a week or 2 because his heart valves hadn't closed at birth and they would not do the surgery to correct it. So we waited and waited for the results. Witt's chromosome test revealed he is the very rare trisomy 1 and because of that the doctors treat him as normal. There is no information on the life expectancy of a trisomy 1 baby so the doctor's mindset is as it would be with any baby with normal chromosomes. In the midst of waiting for those results, Witt's valves miraculously closed and his heart was declared normal. I am convinced that God Himself healed Witt's heart and that God rearranged Witt's chromosomes so he wouldn't be labeled. The great thing is that I was able to share this with the nurse who's friend had the trisomy 18 baby and strongly believed in karma. Oh, I believe in Jesus, the Christ! I believe in the One who was crucified for me and rose again that I might live. I believe in the God who created us and has the power to at anytime "recreate" us as He has done with Witt. I believe in God the Spirit who gives us wisdom and will direct Mel and Austan's every step in raising Witt. I believe in God the Father who put us in the ER last night not only for Witt's sake but for that nurse's sake. I believe in God who desires that nobody (not even a nurse who right now believes in karma over Him) should perish but that all would come to Him through Christ. I believe in the God of my salvation who is ultimately in control of every detail (down to the the chromosomes) of Witt's and all our lives!


Primitiques 'n Poetry said...

I'm just getting caught up on Witt. I absolutely love this post. Thank you for continuing to share your love and God. ~Mindy

cheryl said...

Karen...that's "weird" in, you know, a "GOD way!" I found myself praying more for the doctors and nurses that you encountered last night than even for Witt. You, especially, know how adamant I was about Witt going to the ER but I had a peace...I almost felt guilty that my prayers kept "drifting off" toward the strangers you would meet. GO GOD! And, Karen, God bless YOU for never missing an opportunity to share our Loving God with others! He is truly using you to touch many...He would love to use all of us but you are a willing messenger...may the rest of us learn from your example!