Thursday, February 19, 2009


Witt needs prayer for his eating! It is such a struggle now to get him to take his bottle. One or two on them a day might be easier but for the most part he is really not interested. Late last night Melanie finally used a sippy cup and "poured" several ounces into him. He seems to take the very early morning bottle okay but after that its tough. Witt goes for his weekly weigh in today at 12:30. Melanie has tried everything from formula to different style nipples. She will try to talk to the cardiologist today to ask if Witt could be off the Enalapril (heart medication) for a couple of days to see if that really makes a difference. The only day this week that Witt has eaten the amount he needs and it wasn't hard was Monday after he didn't take the Enalapril for 24 hours. Each day has progressively gotten harder to get Witt to take his bottles. Pray for Melanie too. It's incredibly frustrating. Pray God give her the patience and wisdom to make it through this time!

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Primitiques 'n Poetry said...

Bless Melanie's heart. I know it must be so frustrating. God knew what he was doing when He gave Witt to her. Melanie is forever showing all of us strength and love that only could be given by God. I'll say special prayers for her, Witt and the doctors today. ~Mindy