Monday, February 9, 2009


The cardiologists appointment went well today. Witt's heart is "quieter" which means there is less blood flowing the wrong way (the leaky valve). His lungs also sounded good. They did not do an x-ray to see if the lungs are still wet. In 4 weeks Witt will have another echo cardiogram and a chest x-ray. The cardiologists are increasing Witt's dosage (since he tolerated the lower dose just fine) to a therapeutic dosage. They also recommended that Witt go to an ear, nose and throat doctor. The ENT could check that part of Witt's anatomy and maybe help explain or rule out why he stays congested sounding. Melanie has also heard from the pulmonary specialists and is trying to schedule an appointment with them. Please pray that Witt begin eating again. The last couple of days he has not eaten well at all and its so important for his tiny (but very cute!) body get plenty of nourishment. He has begun to sleep pretty long at night but Melanie may need to wake him up to feed if he doesn't start eating more again during the day. He normally takes 3-4 ounces but the past couple of days he is taking closer to 2 ounces at some of the feedings. His stomach seems to be bothering him more. Witt goes to the pediatrician on Thursday. We are anxious for this weigh in! I know I have said this before but I am so grateful that we have access to the One who created Witt, to the One who sustains Witt, to the One who is in control of even Witt's stomach. I am grateful that through Christ we can run to the throne of grace that God sits upon and petition Him not just for healing but wisdom and peace for Melanie and Austan!

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trash talk said...

It is such an inspiration to me to read your posts. Putting all your faith in the Lord and allowing Him complete control is an awesome thing to witness and it gives me the conviction to go to God in prayer. I don't always know what to say or how to say it, but I know He is listening and will answer. I'll be praying for our boy to decide he likes food again and get back his appetite. Thinking of y'all always. Debbie