Thursday, January 22, 2009


Witt did very well with his immunizations...he's a brave little guy! His pedi is very pleased with his progress especially in light of his smaller size and 3 weeks spent in the hospital. And, for the best news...HIS LUNGS ARE CLEAR! Mel continues to wean him off the O2 and we are praying to have him off it all together very soon. Sweet, sweet boy!!!
Witt is still in the middle of his 3 month well check but I just couldn't wait to post this GREAT news that Grandmother Karen just sent me...
WITT HAS GAINED 9oz IN 10 DAYS!!! He now weighs 8lb 8oz!!!
And please pray specifically for Witt as he is getting his first round of immunizations fun at all. We'll be sure to post any updates from the pedi appointment later this afternoon.


Hilary said...

Alright!!! Way to grow Witt!!!!!

Debbie said...

If you ever need a babysitter in Henderson Tx I'm here.....
I'm a good baby rocker.
Witt is about the sweetest baby I've ever seen. Just make you want to do the kiss kiss all over his little body. I love hearing the good news. Thanks for letting us know