Monday, November 3, 2008


At the 12 pm feeding they gave Witt 23 cc's and he had digested half of it by 3 pm. They will give him another 12 cc's now and see what happens. He has been sleeping very comfortably this afternoon. Witt is also under the lights for jaundice.

Witt had the feeding tube changed from his mouth to his nose in order provide more comfort. He has been doing very well with it today. The nurse also mentioned that Witt met the criteria to move down to a lower level of the ICU. Only difference is that the nurses take care of 4 babies instead of 2 as in Witt's current unit.

Thank you for your continued prayers for Witt and the family.

Please pray for Nathan who is a little boy two hours old and is hydrocephalic. We just prayed with the family here in the waiting room. Pray that God's glory will shine in Nathan's life like He has in Witt's. Blessings...


Mandi said...

It's good to hear Witt's digestive system is on the right track...we'll keep praying!

We will also remember sweet baby Nathan and his family.

Gayle said...

We continue to have you in our hearts and prayers for strength, peace, comfort, rest, and healing. Our God is so amazing! His plans for our lives are perfect. It has been amazing to watch God's hands and the power of prayer not only in Witt's life, but in all of our lives that have been on this journey with you. We have all been blessed as a family to know God and trust in Him for everything. Even though we cannot be there with you in person, our hearts are with you. We are believing God to take care of this digestive issue.
We hold little Nathan and his family in our prayers too. God is so awesome. He put you all right there to be able to pray for this family and share His love and comfort with them. He knows their needs and hears their hearts.
We love you all so much and can hardly wait to meet the newest cousin!!!! Witt's pictures are precious!
Bobby and Gayle