Wednesday, November 26, 2008


Dear Witt,
What a handsome one month old you are! As I look at you in your "1" hat the emotions flow through me.
You see it wasn't that many days ago we were preparing to celebrate your 1 week birthday. We all wanted it to be special. The doctors had said you might not live until your "1st birthday" but you had already taught us the importance of celebrating each day, so there was no time like the present to celebrate you! So as you turned 1 week old we rejoiced at your "1st birthday" together! We were thankful for that milestone and earnestly praying for more "birthdays" too.
The day of the celebration I couldn't stop thinking how precious you would look in a birthday hat. It just seemed like a necessity for the birthday boy. The second store I went into that day I spotted a baby blue party hat. It was the only one on the shelf. It was smaller than most party hats, but I thought it looked just right. It didn't say "1 year old" but a simple "1." It was perfect, it was just for you.
I walked to the checkout ready to make the purchase. The cashier was a kind, older man. He was in no hurry to finish the transaction. As he carefully wrapped your hat in tissue he asked if my baby was turning 1. I didn't know quite how to answer. I sheepishly told him it wasn't for the baby I was holding, my daughter. I informed him I was buying it instead for her cousin, you. The kind man made some comment about how wonderful it would be for you and Adelaide to grow up so close in age. That's when God led me to tell the man more about you.
I told him how you weren't actually turning 1 year old yet, but 1 week old. I told him how you had touched more lives in 7 days than I could imagine touching in 77 years. I told him we weren't sure how many traditional birthdays you would have but we were certain we were going to celebrate each moment with you. I told him no matter what your future held Adelaide would most definitely grow up learning from you. I told him how I wanted it to be from memories she makes first-hand, but no matter what your legacy would be a part of our family. I told the man about the doctor's prognosis and then I gently asked him if he would pray for you too.
In that moment I witnessed your life reaching out to another soul, a stranger. I already knew this was happening all over, but seeing it first-hand was understanding more. The man had tears in his eyes and apologized for crying in front of me. I assured him he had no idea how okay it was. He assured me he and his family would indeed pray for you and celebrate you that day. Right then I also realized that your life had touched me in more ways than I had realized. You taught me to be more bold in sharing what God has done and is doing. You taught me there are no limits to what is "okay" to pray.
And now, here we are Witt. Three weeks have past since that day I was in the store and you were in the hospital. Your story as we knew it, has changed. Some of the things we thought we knew about your future have changed, but I am humbled that not a detail of your story has changed with God. Three weeks ago He already knew this chapter was coming! In the beginning of time He already knew this chapter was coming!
And then some parts of your story as we know it will never change. He will always hold you in the palm of his hand as your story unfolds to all around you. Your life will always be a testimony to all you touch. We will always love you and celebrate you with each milestone we witness.
I can't wait to return to that store and share with the kind man the new reasons we rejoice with you, Witt.
You, little buddy, continue to amaze me in outstanding ways.
I love you,


Rise' said...

Happy 1 month birthday Little Man. You have touched me more than you'll ever know.

Erin said...

Wow. I have tears in my eyes reading that. Happy 1 month birthday!

sonja said...

What a beautiful tribute from Annalee...she said it just exactly right for all of us! You have touched us so deeply already, and as she said your life ( and the lives of each one of us) are in God's hands, always have been. Happy, Happy birthday to you are so loved!


Mandi said...

What beautifully written words, Annalee! I continue to be amazed by all the ways God has already used this little man. He has BIG plans for Mr. Witt!
Happy 1 Month Birthday!!!

Leslie said...

love you little lupher.
can't wait to spend the holidays with you!

Jenna said...

This was just beautiful Annalee. I am tearing up just thinking about the amazing work the Lord has done in the lives of this precious family - and in the life of that sweet baby boy.

Thank you all for sharing Baby Witt with us. Happy Birthday little man!

Gayle said...

Annalee, what beautiful words to express the love for this precious baby. It felt like a love letter from God to his children. The old songs, One Day at a Time and Footprints in the Sand,are songs that remind us how precious every moment God has given us is and that He is ALWAYS with us. How evident that has been in Witt's life and the family, friends, and prayer partners that have watched Witt's story unfold. What a writer God is! You are right! God knows Witt's story from the moment He created this precious child. What a celebration! What a joy to celebrate Witt's first month birthday!
Happy One Month Birthday, Precious Witt.