Saturday, November 1, 2008


Just an update on Witt's digestive system. The doctor's will give Witt a couple of doses of medicine to clear his stomach and then feed him afterwards. Please pray for his stomach and entire system to clear and start working normally. Thank you as always for your continued love and support for little Witt. His strength is in the LORD our God...


rick said...

Hi Lupher Family,
I have been receiving forwards from Debbie and Fran concerning Witt and wanted you to know and pass on to Austan and Melanie that I am continually lifting up their son before the awesome God that we have as a Dad. He understands how we feel as parents. We have all the rights and privilege's of children of the Most High, by our Christ and through the precious Holy Spirit. Same position before the Heavenly Father as Jesus when HE walked this planet as the only begotten Son. He answers us while we are yet asking. Never forget that. I will be in the Methodist Hospital next door to Witt this coming week from the 3rd through the 6th or 7th going through my third round of Chemo. I am a testimony to the grace, kindness, mercy and provision of God when we are most in need. BE ENCOURAGED,STEADFAST AND FAITHFUL! He will never leave us nor forsake us. It is His promise! BE AGGRESSIVE IN YOUR APPROACH TO THE THRONE OF GRACE. HE LIKES IT!!!

rick rouse. +:-)

Mandi said...

I've been praying. (:
Thanks for these updates!