Thursday, November 6, 2008



Martha said...

Love this picture! Praise God that mommies make the best medicine for our babies and it is truly a miracle of God in and of itself. When my girls were in the NICU, our doctor said that the sooner they could have my milk the better b.c it is filled with more benefits than they have yet to even grasp....he called it a mystery of God. Thank you, GOD! SO you go girl! Witt is blessed by your hard work.


Leah J. said...

Go, Mel! Way to stock up on that precious milk for Witt!

Anonymous said...

Cool way to see where everyone is coming from that views Witt's BLOG:

Wonderful news that Witt is drinking Mel's milk, that she is producing plenty to meet/exceed his needs, that He is movin-on-up to another area of the hospital. PTL!!!

Sheryl said...

I Love It! What a great Grandpa!
I have three grandkids now, soon to be four in March. One of them lives with me and it is a real blessing and joy each and every day. I hug him just a little tighter and tell him I love him just a little more now. You go Grandpa!