Sunday, August 30, 2015


     I feel like this year has gone by in fast forward mode. Witt will be 7 in October and Bennett will be 3 in December. This year was not without its ups and downs. Last December it felt like Witt was always sick. He was always congested had fevers off and on. Around Christmas he started requiring some Oxygen and that began a downhill slope from there. Witt spent the last week of January in the hospital and then back for another 3 weeks in February. His fluid balance was all off. It's took some time to find the right amount of medicine that kept his lungs clear but didn't damage his kidneys and electrolytes. Once we found the right balance things started to improve.  Witts heart continues to function about the same as it always has. Only God knows what the future holds for Witt and his health. We have a great team of doctors and therapists around us to provide support. The summer was full of lots of fun.  We were able to take Witt to Colorado with us for a couple weeks in June and he did great! Witt visited family in Amarillo, celebrated lots of family members birthdays and we had or first experience at Jelly Stone park. Witt has an upcoming heart checkup on Monday. We don't expect any big changes with that. He will also to have new tubes put in his ears in October. Right now we are enjoying every second with Mr Witt. God continues to show us how in control He is of Witts life and ours. 

        Life for Austan and I aside from Witt has been busy too. Bennett keeps us on our toes. He's brought so much life and laughter into our house. Austan started a new job about a year and half ago. It seems to be a great company and Austan enjoys working there. Last October Austan and I were over joyed to find out that we were excepting a new little one. We went to our first appointment and received very sad news that I would miscarry. November was full of lots of emotions. It was confirmed that a miscarriage was inevitable. That same day we received sad news that's Austan sweet granddad passed away. Having Witt helped Austan and I have our faith strongly rooted in Christ. He reminded me of a hard lesson that He is always in control. My plans are not His plans. 5 months later God yet again blessed us with a little miracle. We are so excited to be welcoming baby Lupher to our family this November. This pregnancy had some  big moments of faith but this baby seems to be healthy and doing great. I know this baby will be the perfect sibbling for Witt and Bennett. You'll have to wait to find out the gender with us till the baby is born. We are so excited to see what the future holds for our family.  Thank you for your continued love and support for Witt and each of us. 


annalee said...

SO thankful for Witt and getting to walk alongside your family through each season.

Sifted said...

Watching Witt grow and being sustained by our Lord is a blessing that can't be measured! I pray that my life can bring God as much glory as Witt's does!